1lt SA Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2020 Blend

Acai Pure Amazonia Unsweetened 4 x 100g pack

Adelia Assorted Muesli's

Aioli Garlic Mayonnaise Roza's Gourmet Gluten & Dairy Free 240ml

Almond and Apricot Yoghurt Bites 180g *

Almond Crackers 100g *

Almond Flakes Blanched 100g

Almond Meal 150g


Almond Milk Almo Unsweetened 1lt


South Australian

Almonds Chocolate 200g *

Almonds Roasted *

South Australia

Almonds Slivered 100g

Anchovy Fillets White Marinated Marinati 200g

Apple Cider Vinegar 400ml

Apple Dried 200g

Apple Fuji Small (per kg)

Adelaide Hills

Apple Golden Delicious (per kg)

Adelaide Hills

Apple Granny Smith (per kg)

Adelaide Hills

Apple Jazz (per kg)

Adelaide Hills

Apple Missile Mini (per kg)

Adelaide Hills

Apple Pink Lady Large (per kg)

Adelaide Hills

Apple Pink Lady Small (per kg)

Adelaide Hills

Apple Royal Gala Small (per kg)

Adelaide Hills

Apricot Chocolate Balls 200g *

Apricot Coconut Squares 200g *

Apricot Delight 200g *

Apricots (per kg)


Apricots Dark Chocolate Dipped 200g (Aussie Apricots)

Apricots Dried SA

South Australian

Apricots Milk Chocolate Dipped 200g (Aussie Apricots)

Apricots Turkish 450g

Arborio Rice Principe 1kg

Arborio Rice Riso Ceriotti 1kg

Arrancini Creamy Crop - Spinach, Ricotta & Pine Nuts 12 pack (frozen) *

Arrancini Wild Harvest - Porcini & Black Truffle 12 pack (frozen)

Artichoke Hearts 180g


Asian Coleslaw (each)

Asian Sesame Chicken Noodle Salad

Asparagus Bunch (each)


Asthon Valley 1lt Juices

Avocadoes Hass (each)

Western Australia

Bacon Kanmantoo Middle Rashes

Bacon Schulz Smokehouse

Bakers Delight 3 Traditional White Blocks Special Bread

Bakers Delight 3 Traditional Wholemeal Blocks Special Bread

Bakers Delight Chocolate Croissant *

Bakers Delight Croissant 4 Pack Combo *

Bakers Delight Danish Range

Bakers Delight Hi Fibre Lo GI Bread

Bakers Delight Hi-Tin Sourdough Bread

Bakers Delight Large Capeseed Bread

Bakers Delight Low Fodmap Block Bread

Bakers Delight Mini Savoury Rolls Pack of 6 - Cheese and Bacon

Bakers Delight Mini Savoury Rolls Pack of 6 - Italian

Bakers Delight Mini Savoury Scrolls - Cheesymite Pack *

Bakers Delight Pizza *

Bakers Delight Traditional Roll Combo x 6 White

Bakers Delight Twisted Delight's

Bakers Delight White Block Bread

Bakers Delight White Cob Loaf

Bakers Delight White Vienna Loaf

Bakers Delight Wholegrain Block Bread

Bakers Delight Wholemeal Block Bread

Banana Chips 100g *

Bananas (per kg)


Bananas Eco (per kg)


Bananas Lady Finger (per kg)


Bao Buns 3 Pack Chicken Schnitzel

Bao Buns 3 Pack Spicy Chicken

Barista Oat Milk 1lt

Basil Bunch (each)


Basil Pesto Dip 200g

Bay Leaves Pack (each)

South Australia

Baylies Lavash 180g *

Bean Shoots 140g (per pack)


South Australia

Beans (per kg)


Beans Pre Pack 200g

Beef Mince Premium

Beef Osso Bucco

Beef Schnitzels

Beef Vietnamese Salad (each)

Beer Nuts *

Beerenberg 30 min meal bases

Beerenberg Assorted Chutneys

Beerenberg Assorted Honey 250g

Beerenberg Assorted Jams 300g

Beerenberg Assorted Relish's

Beerenberg Dressings

Beerenberg Premium Sauces 300ml

Beerenberg Sauces 300ml

Beerenberg Slow Cooker Bases

Beetroot Baby Packs 250g (each)


Beetroot Bunch (each)

South Australia

Beetroot Dairy and Gluten Free Dip 200g

Beetroot Loose (each)

South Australia

Beetroot Slices Absolute Organics Garden 350g

Bell Peppers Stuffed 150g


Bellavitano Cheeses 150g Wedge

Bellis Bars 3 for $1 - Apricot *

Bellis Bars 3 for $1 - Choc Strawberry *

Bellis Bars 3 for $1 - Strawberry *

Biscotto Hard Bread (each)

South Australia

Biscuits Homemade Choc Lady Fingers

Biscuits Homemade Fruit & Choc Chip Biscotti

Biscuits Homemade Honey & Walnut Fingers

Biscuits Homemade Lemon Savoiardi

Biscuits Homemade Orange & Lemon with Raspberry Sprinkle

Biscuits Homemade Short Bread Kourabiede

Blackberries 125g (each)


Blue Adelaide Hills Heysen 160g

Blueberries 125g (each)


Blueberries Frozen 400g Australian Berryfields

Bocconcini Bambini La Casa 220g

Bocconcini Cherry La Casa 220g

Bocconcini Traditional La Casa 220g

Bok Choy Pack (each)


Bold Blue Cheese Maggie Beer 100g

Bone Broth Beef Stock Merchant 500g

Bone Broth Chicken Stock Merchant 500g

Bramble & Hedge Honeycomb 200g

Brazil Nuts 100g

Breadcrumbs Fine 500g

Breakfast Box

A cute breakfast box to cater for 2 filled with banana bread, a fruit scone, a crossaint, yoghurt, assortef fruit, a juice, jam, honey, nutella and smallgoods

Brie Adelaide Hills 200g

Brie Triple Cream Adelaide Hills 180g

Broad Beans Salted 200g *

Broccoli (each)


Broccolini Bunch (each)

South Australia

Brookfarm Granola Gluten Free Cacao Coconut 350g

Brookfarm Granola Nutty Maple Vanilla 450g

Brookfarm Muesli Assorted

Brussel Sprouts (each)


Budget Mince

Build Your Own

Bulgarian White Brined Sheeps Milk Cheese 500g

Bullets Chocolate 200g *

Bullets Chocolate Raspberry 200g *

Bullets White Chocolate Rasperry 200g *

Burrata La Casa 150g

Burrito Bowl

  • Ingredients: Seasoned lean beef mince served with brown rice, taco sauce, black beans, avocado, mozzarella cheese and corn.
  • Macros (Large) : Kcal: 651 C: 25g P: 62g F: 34g
  • Macros (Small) : Kcal: 544 C: 49g P: 50g F: 18g

Nutritional information is based on chicken options and with white rice

Butter Organic Salted

Butter Organic Unsalted

Buzz Honey 1kg Tubs

Buzz Honey 500g Squeeze Bottles

Cabbage 1/2 (each)

South Australia

Cabbage 1/4 (each)

South Australia

Cabbage Black Bunch (each)

South Australia

Cabbage Chinese 1/2 (each)


Cabbage Chinese Whole (each)


Cabbage Red 1/2 (each)

South Australia

Cabbage Red Whole (each)

South Australia

Cabbage Savoy 1/2 (each)

South Australia

Cabbage Savoy Whole (each)

South Australia

Cabbage Whole (each)

South Australia

Cacciatori Hot Twin Pack aprox 320g Propan

Cacciatori Mild Sliced (per kg)

Cacciatori Mild Twin Pack aprox 320g Propan

Calamari Rings Marinated 180g


Capriccio Artichoke hearts 550g

Capriccio Eggplant in Sunflower Oil 550g

Capriccio Italian Diced Tomatoes 400g


Capriccio Italiano Diced Tomatoes 2.5kg

Capriccio Italiano Peeled Tomatoes 2.5kg

Capriccio Seasoned Peppers 550g

Capriccio Sliced Chillis in Sunflower Oil 550g

Capriccio Spicy Eggplants 550g

Capsicum Chargrilled 200g


Capsicum Stuffed 3 Pack

Capsicums 1kg Pre Packed Red (each)

South Australia

Capsicums Banana (each)

South Australia

Capsicums Green (each)

South Australia

Capsicums Red (each)

South Australia

Capsicums Yellow (each)

South Australia

Carrot Bunch (each)

South Australia

Carrots (per kg)

Western Australia

Carrots 1kg Pack (each)

Western Australia

Carrots Baby Pack 250g (each)

South Australia

Carrots Juicing 5kg (each)

Western Australia

Cashews Raw

Cashews Salted Premium *

Cashews Salted Premium 200g *

Cashews Unsalted Premium *

Cashews Unsalted Premium 200g *

Caster Sugar 1kg Australian

Cauliflower 1/2 (each)

Cauliflower Rice 300g

Cauliflower Whole (each)

Cav Giuseppe Cocco Premium Pasta Range

Celeriac (each)

Celery 1/2 (each)


Celery Pieces (each)


Celery Whole (each)


Champagne & Orange Pate Barossa Food Co. 120g

Charlies Choice 500g *

Cheese Kransky Barossa 300g

Chevre Udder Delights 150g

Chevre Woodside 150g

Chia Seeds 125g

Chicken Breast (pack of 3)

1kg Packs (aprox 3 breasts)

Orders will need to be placed before 3pm for the following day. All orders after 3pm will require 1 extra day of lead time.

Chicken Breast Moroccan Meadows Free Range 220g

Chicken Curry

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Mince

Chicken Schnitzels

Chicken Smoked Barossa Fine Foods 100g

Chicken Stock, Stock Merchant 500g

Chicken Vermicelli Noodle Bowl

Chickpeas Salted Roasted 200g *

Chillies Birds Eye (each)


Chillies Long Green (each)


Chillies Long Red (each)


Choc Orange Mix 200g

$120.00 Choose options

Chocoholic Heaven

This awesome board is filled with an array of a sweet tooths heaven. Filled with donuts, rocky road, brownies, chocolate strawberries, lollies, smarties and TV Mix.

*$30 Deposit required on pick up or delivery for board hire (refunded upon return)

Chocolate Pana Range *

Chocolate Strawberries (box of 6)

Chocolate Strawberries Pink Love (box of 6)

Chorizo Barossa Fine Foods 2 pkt (each)

Ciro Passata Rustico - Pasta Sauce