1lt SA Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2021 Blend

Adelia Assorted Muesli's

Aioli Garlic Mayonnaise Roza's Gourmet Gluten & Dairy Free 240ml

Arborio Rice Principe 1kg

Arborio Rice Riso Ceriotti 1kg

Brookfarm Muesli Assorted

Coconut Oil 1lg Nature's Lane Organic

Crushed Garlic Newman's 250g

Crushed Ginger Newman's 250g

Diabetic Muesli Goodies and Grains 400g

Dill & Parsley Mayonnaise Roza's Gourment Gluten & Dairy Free 240ml

Dried Oregano Gaganis

Frozen Pasta Italia Pasta Fresca 1kg Bags

Gaganis Australian Polenta Fine 1kg

Gaganis Pearl Barley 1kg Bag

Gaganis Premium Pinto Beans 1kg

Gaganis Pumpkin Seeds Roasted & Salted 500g Bag

Gaganis Yellow Split Peas 1kg Bag

Gluten Free Italian Pasta Range

Gragnano Italia Pasta 500g Range

Granoro Pasta Dedicato Range

Horseradish Prepared Newman's 250g

Kangaroo Island Quick Oats 900g

Kangaroo Island Rolled Oats 900g

La Molisana Gnocci 500g Pack

La Molisana Pasta Range 500g

Leonardi Oro Noblile 250ml White Balsamic Vinegar

Maestri Pasta Range

Maggie Beer 500ml Ice Cream (frozen) *

Maggie Beer Barossa Food Co Champagne and Orange Pate 120g

Maggie Beer Barossa Food Co Shiraz and White Pepper Pate 120g

Maggie Beer Chutney 130g

Maggie Beer 

Maggie Beer Paste's

Maggie Beer Pate Phaesant Farm

Marshmallows Pink & White 200g

Matchett's Salad Dressing's 250ml

Moredough Kitchens Premium Stock 500ml

Mr Consistent Premium Cocktail Mixers

Nonna's Biscuits 300g Crostoli King

Nougat Bramble & Hedge 150g Fancy Block

Nougat Limar 300g *

Oil Lucias Extra Virgin Olive 250ml

Olive Oil Maggie Beer 375ml

Oven Baked Muesli Goodies and Grains 400g

Paella Rice Sollana Arroz La Cuna 1kg

Paleo Almond & Linseed Bread GF/DF

Parmesan Cheese Australian Grated 400g


Pasta Granoro Classic Range 500g

Pasta Granoro Gluten Free Range 400g

Pastry Careme Butter Puff 375gm (Frozen)

Pastry Careme Sour Cream 445gm (Frozen)

Pastry Careme Sweet Shortcrust 435gm (Frozen)

Peak Fresh Produce Bags

Peanut Butter Crunchy Ridiculously Delicious 375gm

Peanut Butter Smooth Ridiculously Delicious 375gm

Pears Corella (each)


Pears Magarey Packhams (each)

Adelaide Hills

Pendleton Olive Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

Pesto Basil Free From GF/DF/WF Sacla 190g

Pesto B

Pesto Chilli Sacla 190g

Pesto Classic Basil Sacla 190g


Pesto Dairy Free Roza's Gourmet 240ml Gluten & Dairy Free

Pesto Sun-Dried Tomato Sacla 190g

Pesto Traditional Roza's Gourmet 240ml Gluten Free

Pickling Onion GC's Home Style 500g


Pickling Onion GC's Home Style Hot 500g


Pomegranate (each)


Quinoa Mixed Absolute Organic 400g

Quinoa White Absolute Organic 400g

Raspberries Frozen 400g Australian Berryfields

Ricci's Bikkies Range 120g

Rice Bran Oil 2lt

Rice Short Grain White 1kg Bag

Rolada Date & Pistachio 150g

Rolada Dat

Rolada Fig & Walnut 150g

Simply Stirred Marinades/Stirfry 250ml

Snackers Popcorn 6pk

Squisito Pasta Range

Zuccato Green Olives

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We will ensure orders do not go below the specified weight. 

Canceled orders will incur a 10% administration fee.