Almond Milk Almo Unsweetened 1lt

Barista Almond Milk 1lt

Barista Oat Milk 1lt

Barista Soy Milk 1lt

Bellavitano Cheeses 150g Wedge

Bocconcini Bambini La Casa 220g

Bocconcini Cherry La Casa 220g

Bocconcini Traditional La Casa 220g

Bold Blue Cheese Maggie Beer 100g

Brie Adelaide Hills 200g

Brie Triple Cream Adelaide Hills 180g

Buffalo Mozzarella 125g Amore Cheese

Bulgarian White Brined Sheeps Milk Cheese 500g

Burrata La Casa 150g

Butter Organic Salted

Butter Organic Unsalted

Camembert Adelaide Hills 200g

Chevre Udder Delights 150g

Chevre Woodside 150g

Crab Sweet Chilli Dip 200g

Cream Double La Casa 250g

Cremeux Double Brie 200g Mini Wheel

Danish Feta Tub in Brine

Dutch Edam Cheese Mild aprox 500g

Eggplant Gluten and Dairy Free Dip 200g

Evia Greek Natural Yoghurt Vanilla 700g

Feta Bay Leaves & Preserved Lemon Cheese Board 335g

Feta Danish Style South Cape 200g

Feta Garlic, Herbs & EVOO Cheese Board 335g

Feta Greek Style South Cape 200g

Feta Persian 335g Cheese Board

Feta Persian Dill & Garlic Cheese Board 335g

Fleurieu Peninsula Milk 2lt Light

Fleurieu Peninsula Milk 2lt Whole

Goat Cheese Marinated 320g Meredith Dairy

Goat Cheese Original Chevre Meredith Dairy 150g

Hommus Gluten and Dairy Free Dip 200g

Jarlsberg Sliced Pack 150g

La Casa Ricotta 500g


La Vera Casaling Vintage Wedge Pepato aprox 300g

La Vera Mozzarella & Prosciutto Roulade

Maggie Beer Classic Camembert 200g

Maggie Beer Club Cheddar Vintage 170g

Maggie Beer Extra Creamy Brie 200g

Mascarpone La Casa 250g

Mature Cheddar Adelaide Hills Udder Delights 200g

Milk Lab Almond Milk

Milk Lab Coconut Milk 1lt

Milk Lab Lactose Free 1lt

Milk Lab Macadamia Milk

Milk Lab Soy Milk 1lt

Milk Tweedvale 1lt Skim

South Australia

Milk Tweedvale 1lt Whole

South Australia

Milk Tweedvale 2lt Skim

South Australia

Milk Tweedvale 2lt Whole

South Australia

Mozarella Ball 500g La Vera

Mozzarella Shredded Australian Cheese 500g


Muscatel Grapes 200g

Olive Gluten Free Dip 200g

Olive Kalamata Homemade Tapenade Dip 200g

Parmesan Cheese Australian Grated 180g


Parmesan Cheese Australian Grated 480g


Parmesan Shaved Italian Style 100g


Pecorino Cheese Australian Grated 180g


Pecorino Cheese Australian Grated 480g


Pecorino Fresh La Vera 500g

Pouring Cream Tweedvale

Provoletta 500g La Vera

Provolone Dolce Sliced Mild (per kg)

Saganaki Epiros GF 200g

Spinach Gluten and Dairy Free Dip 200g

Sweet Potato and Cashew Gluten Free Dip 200g

Tarama Dip 200g

Tasty Shredded Cheese Australia 500g


Tzatziki Dip 200g

Woodside Goat Milk Chevre Range 150g

Yoghurt Apple Crumble 500g (Yoghurt Shop)

Yoghurt Caramel Crumble 500g (Yoghurt Shop)

Yoghurt Classic Greek 500g (Yoghurt Shop)

Yoghurt Espresso 500g (Yoghurt Shop)

Yoghurt Lemon Twist 500g (Yoghurt Shop)

Yoghurt Mango 500g (Yoghurt Shop)

Yoghurt Mixed Berry 500g (Yoghurt Shop)

Yoghurt Natural Greek 500g (Yoghurt Shop)

Yoghurt Passionfruit 500g (Yoghurt Shop)

Yoghurt Vanilla Bean 500g (Yoghurt Shop)

Please Note: Orders will be picked to the closest KG where applicable.
We will ensure orders do not go below the specified weight.