Almond Milk Almo Unsweetened 1lt

Barista Almond Milk 1lt

Barista Oat Milk 1lt

Butter Organic Salted

Butter Organic Unsalted

Cream Double La Casa 250g

Iced Coffee Almond Milk Bickfords 500ml *

Iced Coffee Almond Milk Chocolate Bickfords 500ml *

Milk Lab Almond Milk

Milk Lab Coconut Milk 1lt

Milk Lab Dairy Milk 1lt

Milk Lab Lactose Free 1lt

Milk Lab Macadamia Milk

Milk Lab Soy Milk 1lt

Milk Tweedvale 1lt Whole

South Australia

Milk Tweedvale 2lt Skim

South Australia

Milk Tweedvale 2lt Whole

South Australia

Pouring Cream Tweedvale

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We will ensure orders do not go below the specified weight.