Baylies Lavash 180g *

Beerenberg Assorted Jams 300g

Bramble & Hedge Honeycomb 200g

Brookfarm Granola Gluten Free Cacao Coconut 350g

Brookfarm Granola Nutty Maple Vanilla 450g

Buzz Honey 1kg Tubs

Buzz Honey 500g Squeeze Bottles

Crushed Garlic Newman's 250g

Crushed Ginger Newman's 250g

Dried Apricot Jam 250ml Aussie Apricots

Dried Oregano Gaganis

Flour Caputo Pizzeria Tipo 00

Frozen Pasta Italia Pasta Fresca 1kg Bags

G-Fresh Himalayan Salt 750g

G-Fresh Mediterranean2. Table Salt 750g

Gaganis Aust Ord River Chick Peas 1kg Bag

Gaganis Australian Polenta Fine 1kg

Gaganis Black Eye Beans 1kg Bag

Gaganis Borlotti Beans 1kg

Gaganis Continental Soup Mix 1kg Bag

Gaganis Great Northern Beans 1kg Bag

Gaganis Pearl Barley 1kg Bag

Gaganis Premium Brown Lentils 1kg Bag

Gaganis Premium Cannellini Beans (white kidney) 1kg Bag

Gaganis Premium Green Brown Lentils Australian 1kg Bag

Gaganis Premium Pinto Beans 1kg

Gaganis Pumpkin Seeds Roasted & Salted 500g Bag

Gaganis White Roasted Chickpeas 700g Bag

Gaganis Yellow Split Peas 1kg Bag

Gingerbread Babies Perryman's Bakery 70gm *

Gingerbread Folk 30g

Gingerbread Folk Chocolate 30g

Gingerbread Folk Snowman 30g

Gingerbread Folk Tin 12 Gingerbread Men 225g

Grissini Italian Breadsticks Val Verde 125g


Healthybake Spelt Organic Sourdough Bread

Healthybake Wholemeal Organic Sourdough Bread

Hokkien Noodles Chun Mei 1kg

Hokkien Noodles Chun Mei 500g

Honey Bee Power Organic Raw 500g

Honey Gilberts 1kg Tub

Honey Gumeracha 1kg Pure Tub

Honey Gumeracha Squeeze Pure Bottle

Honey Manuka Australian Bee Power 250g

Horseradish Prepared Newman's 250g

Kyton's Biscuits Range

Kytons Bakery 6 Fruit Mince Pies


Kytons Bakery Traditional Christmas Pudding 700g

Lamingtons Kytons 12 pack Mini *

Lamingtons Kytons 6 pack *

Leda Bakery GF Choc Chip Cookies

Leda Bakery GF Golden Crunch Cookies

Leda Bakery Gingernut Biscuits

Leonardi Dolce Vita 250ml Balsamic Vinegar

Leonardi Dolce Vita 500ml Balsamic Vinegar

Leonardi Oro Noblile 250ml White Balsamic Vinegar

Leonardi Oro Noblile 500ml White Balsamic Vinegar

Loving Earth 80g Bar Almond Crunch

Loving Earth 80g Bar Rasbperry

Loving Earth 80g Bar Salted Caramel

Maggie Beer 500ml Ice Cream (frozen) *

Oil Lucias Extra Virgin Olive 250ml

Organic Legume Tins 400g

Sauce Lucias Arrabbiata 500g

Sauce Lucias Napoletana 500g

Sauce Lucias Passata 700g

Sauce Lucias Tomato & Basil 500g

Vinegar Lucias Balsamic 250ml

Vinegar Lucias Red Wine 250ml

Vinegar Lucias White Balsamic 250ml

Please Note: Orders will be picked to the closest KG where applicable.
We will ensure orders do not go below the specified weight.