1lt SA Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2021 Blend

Adelia Assorted Muesli's

Aioli Garlic Mayonnaise Roza's Gourmet Gluten & Dairy Free 240ml

Apple Cider Vinegar 400ml

Arborio Rice Principe 1kg

Arborio Rice Riso Ceriotti 1kg

Arrancini Creamy Crop - Spinach, Ricotta & Pine Nuts 12 pack (frozen) *

Arrancini Wild Harvest - Porcini & Black Truffle 12 pack (frozen)

Bacon Kanmantoo Middle Rashes

Bacon Schulz Smokehouse

Baylies Lavash 180g *

Beerenberg 30 min meal bases

Beerenberg Apple Sauce 160g

Beerenberg Assorted Chutneys

Beerenberg Assorted Jams 300g

Beerenberg Assorted Relish's

Beerenberg Cranberry Sauce 175g

Beerenberg Dressings

Beerenberg Mint Jelly 185g

Beerenberg Mustard Range

Beerenberg Premium Sauces 300ml

Beerenberg Red Currant Jelly 195g

Beerenberg Sauces 300ml

Beerenberg Seafood Sauce 150g

Beerenberg Slow Cooker Bases

Beerenberg Tartare Sauce 155g

Biscotto Hard Bread Homemade (each)

South Australia

Biscuits Homemade Choc Lady Fingers

Biscuits Homemade Fruit & Choc Chip Biscotti

Biscuits Homemade Honey & Walnut Fingers

Biscuits Homemade Lemon Savoiardi

Biscuits Homemade Orange & Lemon with Raspberry Sprinkle

Biscuits Homemade Short Bread Kourabiede

Blueberries Frozen 400g Australian Berryfields

Bone Broth Beef Stock Merchant 500g

Bone Broth Chicken Stock Merchant 500g

Breadcrumbs Fine 500g

Breadcrumbs Panko Coarse 500g

Brookfarm Muesli Assorted

Butter Organic Salted

Butter Organic Unsalted

Buzz Honey 1kg Tubs

Buzz Honey 500g Squeeze Bottles

Cacao Kapow Goodies and Grains 300g

Cacciatori Hot Twin Pack aprox 320g Propan

Cacciatori Mild Sliced (per kg)

Cacciatori Mild Twin Pack aprox 320g Propan

Capers in Brine Zuccato 100g

Capriccio Anchovy Filled 220g Olive Oil

Capriccio Anchovy Filled 220g Spicy

Capriccio Artichoke hearts 550g

Capriccio Diced Tomatoes 400g

Capriccio Eggplant in Sunflower Oil 550g

Capriccio Seasoned Peppers 550g

Capriccio Sliced Chillis in Sunflower Oil 550g

Capriccio Spicy Eggplants 550g

Champagne & Orange Pate Barossa Food Co. 120g

Changs Fried Noodles 100g

Chia and Flaxseed Sprinkle Goodies and Grains 500g

Chia & Flaxseed AS

Chicken Breast Moroccan Meadows Free Range 220g

Chicken Stock, Stock Merchant 500g

Chocolate Pana Range *

Chocolate's Pink Lady 200g Assortment Box

Chris Jarmer's Sticky Balsamic Vinegar

Christmas Box Mini

A cute Christmas gift box filled with yummy goodies including pop corn chocolate bar, rocky road, candy canes, homemade gingerbread, choc dipped almond bread, chocolate santa's, premium nougat, choc apricot balls and a bon bon to finish

Christmas Mini Hamper Wine

A premium mini Classico Panettone paired with a premium 2020 Special Release Basket Press HB Wine and Kytons rocky road

Christmas Wine and Panettone Gift Pack

A premium 600g Loison Panettone paired with a premium 2020 Special Release Basket Press HB Wine and home made Gingerbread Biscuits

Cirio Cherry Tomato Tins

Cirio Passata Rustico - Pasta Sauce

Cirio Passata Verace - Pasta Sauce

Coconut Cream Caterers Choice 400ml

Coconut Granola Goodies and Grains 365g

Coconut Milk 400ml

Coconut Oil 1lg Nature's Lane Organic

Colavita 500ml Vinegar Balsamic

Colavita 500ml White Wine Vinegar


Colavita Red Wine Vinegar 500ml

Colavita White Balsamic Vinegar 500ml

Cookieman Cookies Large Bag

Cookieman Cookies Small Bag

Corn Chips Cheese Supreme 500g *

Corn Chips Salted 500g *

Corn Chips Spicy Barbeque 500g *

Cous Cous DeCeddo 500g

Crispbreads Plain Watercrackers 100g Pack *

Crushed Garlic Newman's 250g

Crushed Ginger Newman's 250g

Dehydrated Apples (25g)

Dehydrated Citrus Melody (35g)

Dehydrated Grapefruit (25g)

Dehydrated Lemons (25g)

Dehydrated Limes (25g)

Dehydrated Oranges (25g)

Dehydrated Pear Snack Pack (85g)

Delicius Anchovy Fillets 58g

Delicius Anchovy Fillets 90g

Diabetic Muesli Goodies and Grains 400g

Dill & Parsley Mayonnaise Roza's Gourment Gluten & Dairy Free 240ml

Dolce Classico Classic Almond Bread 150g *

Don Antonio Pasta Sauce Range 500g SPECIAL

Don Antonio Pasta Sauce Range Organic 500g

Don Antonio Pizza Sauce 250g


Dried Apricot Jam 250ml Aussie Apricots

Dried Oregano Gaganis

Duck & Orange Pate Maggie Beer 120g

Dukkah Thistle Be Good 150g

Dukkah Thistle Be Good Bush Tucker 150gm

Dukkah Thistle Be Good Egyptian 150gm

Dukkah Thistle Be Good Warm Spice 150gm

Emmaline's Fruit mince Pies 6 Pack

English Tea Shop Organic Tea's 20 Tea Bag Sachets

Enzo's Assisi Sauce 500g

Enzo's Napoletana Sauce 500g

Enzo's Puttanesca Sauce 500g

Fairy Floss Pariya *

Fairy Floss Tub 35g

Fleming & Ware Au Nautrale Muesli 500g

Fleming & Ware Tutti Frutti Muesli 500g

Flour Bread 1kg Bag

Flour Wholemeal Lauke 1kg

Forbidden Green Rice 500g

Forbidden Red Rice 500g

Forbidden Rice Brown 500g

Frozen Pasta Italia Pasta Fresca 1kg Bags

Fruity Sacks Re-Usable Bags 3pk

Gaganis Aust Ord River Chick Peas 1kg Bag

Gaganis Australian Polenta Fine 1kg

Gaganis Black Eye Beans 1kg Bag

Gaganis Borlotti Beans 1kg

Gaganis Continental Soup Mix 1kg Bag

Gaganis Great Northern Beans 1kg Bag

Gaganis Pearl Barley 1kg Bag

Gaganis Premium Brown Lentils 1kg Bag

Gaganis Premium Cannellini Beans (white kidney) 1kg Bag

Gaganis Premium Green Brown Lentils Australian 1kg Bag

Gaganis Premium Pinto Beans 1kg

Gaganis Pumpkin Seeds Roasted & Salted 500g Bag

Gaganis White Roasted Chickpeas 700g Bag

Gaganis Yellow Split Peas 1kg Bag

Gingerbread Babies Perryman's Bakery 200gm *

Gingerbread Babies Perryman's Bakery 70gm *

Gingerbread Men Homemade Decorate Your Own 3 Pack

Gluten Free Italian Pasta Range

Gragnano Italia Pasta 500g Range

Granoro Pasta Dedicato Range

Grissini Italian Breadsticks Val Verde 125g


Ham Virginian (per kg)

Hokkien Noodles Chun Mei 1kg

Homemade Gingerbread Stars

Honey Bee Power Organic Raw 500g

Honey Gilberts 1kg Tub

Honey Gumeracha 1kg Pure Tub

Honey Gumeracha Squeeze Pure Bottle

Honey Manuka Australian Bee Power 250g

Horseradish Prepared Newman's 250g

Juniper Berries

Kangaroo Island Quick Oats 900g

Kangaroo Island Rolled Oats 900g

Kytons Bakery Traditional Christmas Pudding 700g

La Molisana Gnocci 500g Pack

La Molisana Pasta Range 500g

Lamingtons Kytons 12 pack Mini *

Lamingtons Kytons 6 pack *

Lapomodoro Della Nonna Sauce 700g

Lasagna Fresh Sheets Buona Cucina 500g

Leda Bakery GF Choc Chip Cookies

Leda Bakery GF Golden Crunch Cookies

Leonardi Dolce Vita 250ml Balsamic Vinegar

Leonardi Dolce Vita 500ml Balsamic Vinegar

Leonardi Oro Noblile 250ml White Balsamic Vinegar

Leonardi Oro Noblile 500ml White Balsamic Vinegar

Loison Agrumato 500g Gift Box*

Loison Gift Box with Chain Classico 750g*

Loison Panettone Classic and Wine Hamper

A premium 1kg Loison Classico Panettone paired with a premium 2020 Special Release Basket Press HB Wine

Loison Panettone Classico 1kg*

Loison Panettone Classico 500g*

Loison Panettone Classico Candied Box 500g*

Loison Panettone Gran Cacao 600g*

Loving Earth 80g Bar Almond Crunch

Loving Earth 80g Bar Rasbperry

Loving Earth 80g Bar Salted Caramel

Maestri Pasta Range

Maggie Beer 500ml Ice Cream (frozen) *

Maggie Beer Chutney 130g

Maggie Beer 

Maggie Beer Paste's

Maggie Beer Pate Phaesant Farm

Marshmallows Pink & White 200g

Massel Liquid Stock's

Massel Stock Cubes

Matchett's Salad Dressing's 250ml

Moredough Kitchens Premium Stock 500ml

Mortadella Plain Bertocchi Sliced (per kg)

Mr Consistent Premium Cocktail Mixers

Muscatel Grapes 200g

Nonna's Biscuits 300g Crostoli King

Nougat Limar 300g *

Oil Lucias Extra Virgin Olive 250ml

Olina's Artisian 100g Crackers *

Olina's Artisian Gluten Free 100g Crackers *

Olina's No Gluten Seeded Cracker Pepita Seed 100g

Olive Oil Maggie Beer 375ml

Organic Legume Tins 400g

Ortiz Anchovies in Olive Oil

Oven Baked Muesli Goodies and Grains 400g

Ozganics Butter Chicken 500g

Ozganics Thai Green Curry 500g

Ozganics Thai Red Curry 500g

Paella Rice Sollana Arroz La Cuna 1kg

Paleo Almond & Linseed Bread GF/DF

Pancetta Barossa Fine Foods 100g

Panettone Vergani Gourmet Range 750g

Pasta Granoro Classic Range 500g

Pasta Granoro Gluten Free Range 400g

Pastry Careme Butter Puff 375gm (Frozen)

Pastry Careme Sour Cream 445gm (Frozen)

Pastry Careme Sweet Shortcrust 435gm (Frozen)

Peak Fresh Produce Bags

Peanut Butter Crunchy Ridiculously Delicious 375gm

Peanut Butter Smooth Ridiculously Delicious 375gm

Pendleton Olive Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml

Pesto Basil Free From GF/DF/WF Sacla 190g

Pesto B

Pesto Chilli Sacla 190g

Pesto Classic Basil Sacla 190g


Pesto Dairy Free Roza's Gourmet 240ml Gluten & Dairy Free

Pesto Sun-Dried Tomato Sacla 190g

Pesto Traditional Roza's Gourmet 240ml Gluten Free

Pickling Onion GC's Home Style 500g


Pickling Onion GC's Home Style Hot 500g


Pomegranate Seeds Frozen 400g Pomi Gold

Pomegranate Seeds 

Premium Wrapped Loison Panettone 1kg

A premium 1kg Loison Classico Panettone 

Pressed Pretzels 180g

Propan 100g Antipasto Pack

Propan 100g Casalingo Salami Pack

Propan 100g Hungarian Salami

Propan 100g Jamon Serrano Pack

Propan 100g Pizza Salami Pack

Propan 100g Proscuitto Sliced Pack

Proscuitto San Daniele Sliced (per kg)

Provolone Dolce Sliced Mild (per kg)