Unfortunately due to the large demand around Christmas and New Year platters can only be ordered for pick up on December 23rd, 24th and 31st and the rest of the website is unfortunately blocked out. If you have any queries or issues please call our friendly staff on 8356 7763


Catering becoming too hard let us help you create something your guests or staff will enjoy. We can customise to suit any budget or requirements. Let Metro take the stress out of hosting any event.

Give one of our friendly staff a call on 8356 7763 to discuss further

Breakfast Box

The perfect breakfast box filled with an assortemnt great to share. Ham and cheese crossiants, banana bread, mini pancakes, granola and yoghurt cups, chocolate strawberries, danishes, muffins, zucchini slice and seasonal fruit

Gourmet Grazing Box Deluxe

A deluxe gourmet grazing box for 6 people that includes bread, mersey valley cheese, mature cheddar, 2 assorted dips, sicilian olvies, assorted crackers, brie, chocolate strawberries, chocolate coated apricots, veggie sticks, se4asonal fruit, zucchini slice, proscuitto, salami, ham, tarallini and almonds

$15.00 price per item, minimum order 10
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Individual Mini Grazing Box

A cute individual serve grazing box filled with everything your normal shared platter would. Ham, salami, olives, cheese, crackers, strawberries, quince paste and almonds 

Minimum order of 10 applies

$18.00 price per item, minimum order 10
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Individual Mini Savoury Box

A mini savoury snack box for 1 incuding 2 mini mushroom arrancini, mini chicken schnitzel, zucchini slice and pizza. Minimum order of 10 

These boxes include a fork for easy and convenient catering and you can also choose to add a garden salad ontop for an extra $2 please call us to discuss further.

$15.00 price per item, minimum order 12
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Individual Snack Graze Me Box

A mini individual graze me box filled with a mini dip, veggie sticks, cheddar, crackers, zucchini slice, macaron, ham, salami and seasonal fruit. Order quantity minimum 12

ISO Grazing Box

A great grazing box for 2 filled with bread, olives, dip, crackers, ham, proscuitto, salami, veggie sticks, fruit, quince paste, brie cheese, almonds and apricots

ISO Grazing Box Large

A grazing box filled with bread, smallgoods, 2 dips, olives, fruit, crackers, brie, veggie sticks and seaonal fruit

$20.00 price per item, minimum order 10
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Mini Individual Kids Box

A cute individual serve kids box filled with everything the kids want to enjoy. Rainbow popcorn, cheese and bacon scroll, strawberries, sour straps, an apple, cucumber sticks, carrot sticks, mini apple juice, watermelon, 2 cookies and kabana. Wrapped with a ribbon and napkin 

Minimum order of 10 applies

Please Note: Orders will be picked to the closest KG where applicable.
We will ensure orders do not go below the specified weight. 

Canceled orders will incur a 10% administration fee.